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Dental Implants Procedure

Dentistry has one ultimate goal, functionally and esthetically. Dental Clinic Tijuana

Dental Clinic Tijuana Implants may be an option for people with missing teeth.

Dental Clinic Tijuana Implants. Are you a dental implant candidate? Contact Us to evaluate your conditions treated with tooth implants, and evaluate the implant procedure, recovery and aftercare. Dental implants cost

A prosthetic tissue substitute is permanently anchored in the existing bone tissue and held in place by osseointegrated fixtures. Surgical procedure needs to be carried out gently and with great care.

Dental Clinic Tijuana Implants not only brings you State-of-the-Art in esthetics, but adds safety and security to the procedure. Dental implants cost

With our Dental Clinic Tijuana Implants you can expect aesthetic perfection combine with long-term function.

Since 1974 Dental Clinic Tijuana has been the dental facility where both California's

90% percent of our patients come from the United States and Canada.

Our prices are accessible and fair for your needs. You will probably get all the services you need for 50% or less of what you would pay in the United. Do you have a question?
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