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90% percent of our patients come from the United States and Canada.

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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Mexico is considered one of the dental tourism capitals of the world, with its high standards of care, cleanliness, low prices, and accessibility. Dental Tourism dental office in Tijuana Mexico is Dental Clinic Tijuana, we welcome dental tourists who are seeking quality dental care in a short period of time and at the fraction of the cost back home.

90% percent of our patients come from the United States and Canada.

Enjoy our Dental Tourism Service while you take a little vacation time!
There are so many places to visit in Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, CA.

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I really care about my team and patients. That's why we have meetings every two weeks, to ensure that we are offering the best competent service.

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We provide superior quality at great prices. Dentists at Dental Clinic Tijuana offer you the best Dentists at Tijuana certified by the Quality Assurance consultants in the United States and exclusively contracted by ten HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Prepaid Dental Programs. We provide Quality Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dental Work with the Highest Professional Standards

We obtain and maintain the highest sterilization levels through permanent peer reviews of all of our instruments and equipment, you'll find a team of trained and experienced Dentists at Dental Tijuana: our dentists are all certified by the Quality Assurance consultants in the United States. They will personally take care of your complete dental work in Tijuana every step of the way – and for any work size from cosmetic dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation. We only use ADA (American Dental Association) approved materials.

Dr. Angel Serrano is recognized as one of the best and most renowned Dentists in Tijuana... "Our successes builds on a foundation built on QUALITY DENTISTRY"

Quality Care. Our quality of dental care is outstanding. Since 1974 Dental Clinic Tijuana has been the dental facility where both California's, and all the surrounding states residents visit.

Low Prices. Our prices are accessible and fair for your needs. You will probably get all the services you need for 50% or less of what you would pay in the United.

First quality equipment. The largest DENTAL CLINIC IN TIJUANA, Mexico (3000 sq.ft). Eight fully equipped operatories. Meets US OSHA'S hygiene regulation (periodically audited by US insurers).

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